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3M Whole House Filtration Scale Inhibition System

Product Overview

The AP141T Whole House Filtration System filters the water throughout your entire home. This system captures sediment, dirt, rust and scale to improve the appearance of your water and help protect water bearing fixtures and appliances. Includes filter change-out wrench. Includes AP420 sediment/scale cartridge

  • Standard Diameter Plastic Housing Filtration ans scale inhibition System
  • In Built Shut Off valve
  • To be used for point of entry or individual water using appliances
  • AP420 Cartridge has polyphosphates sequester that binds hardness minerals preventing them from preceptating or building up on surfaces
  • Maintains efficency and helps extend life of all water/hot water using systems

Product Specifications

Dimensions (metric) 36 cm x 11.6 cm

Flow Rate (metric) 37.9

Liter per Minute Inlet Outlet Size 3/4" NPT

Pressure Range (metric) 172 - 862 kPa

Reduction Claims Sediment, Chlorine Taste & Odor,Scale

Replacement Interval 6 Month


  1. Whole House Filtration
  2. Solar Water Heaters
  3. Washing Machines
  4. Dishwashers
  5. Water Heaters/Geysers
  6. Cold storage devices
  7. Ice Cube making machines
  8. Water Boilers
  9. Steam Rooms
  10. Overhead Tanks
  11. Multi-application design effective on all types of hot water systems - boilers, tank less, and tank-type (gas or electric).
  12. All water heating devices
  13. All water using devices

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