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Alfa Sparkle

( UV Technology)

Recommended For corporation / cauvery water or borewell water below 500 ppm tds

Product Overview

Ultra Violet (UV) technologies a natural, chemical free and time tested method of purifying water and has been used worldwide for over 100 years. Alfaa UV, leaders in UV technology, now introduces the new Ewater Platina series, a 5 step water purification system for you home. Ewater and Platina+ come with super packed featured and benefits. To give your family assured purity , without losing precious minerals or wasting water.

Ewater Platina's 5 Step Purification Process:

  1. INLINE FILTER removes large physical impurities
  2. SEDIMENT FILTER removes suspended impurities
  3. CARBON FILTER absorbs organic impurities
  4. MICRO FILTER for added protection
  5. UV PURIFICATION eliminates microbiological impurities like bacteria & viruses


Product Specification

The US Public Health Service requires that UV disinfection equipment have a minimum UV dosage of 16000+ uWsec/cm2. Ewater platina series are designed to impart a dosage of 30,000 uWsec/cm2based on a 0.1absorption coefficient of water. Ewater Platina series is designed to deliver pure & safe water provided that the inlet water of the purifier is chemically safe for human consumption.


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