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Online Water Purifiers is a division of Pure Water House, a company that pioneered household drinking water purification in Bangalore since 1991 ,and whose business is confined only to Bangalore. It offers you a seamless transaction from selecting the best water purifier for your specific requirement, paying for it online and having it delivered and installed within 48 working hours after receipt of the payment(24 in 90% of cases), all by the same company. For escalations please Email the MD (

You can also choose from three different technologies RO, UV and UF for three different sources of water, Rain, Municipal or Borewell, by speaking to the Sales Officers listed in the Pure Water House website.

You have a choice of Companies ' products to choose from Kent leaders in RO, Aquasoft leaders in domestic softners, Blue Star leaders in cooling, Alfaa leaders in UV. The prices that we offer match the best on the Internet or from White Goods Dealers.

We also offer you the benefit of paying through your credit /debit card through one of the best online portals. And you have the assurance of the Manufacturer's guarantee and after sales service from the same vendor!

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